Settlement Lagoon Liner

Ensuring your Settlement Lagoon has a high quality lining is paramount
Settlement Lagoons (also known as Settling Basins or Settling Ponds) are an important part of water filtration processes. The settling pond or lagoon uses sedimentation to remove unwanted solid matter from the water, reducing the water turbidity and, in turn, reducing possible solid contaminants from the water. Settlement lagoons and ponds are suitable for use in a wide range of applications including dairy waste, mining and aquaculture and, as well as helping to obtain high water purity in outlet water, they can also be used for PH adjustment.

Ensuring your Settlement Lagoon has a high quality lining is important to ensure no seepage of contaminated water occurs in the surrounding soil and water table. A concrete lining will crack over time, and is time consuming and expensive to repair.  The use of a combined Geotextile and Geomembrane lining system with appropriate welding will provide you with a high quality, flexible and long-lasting liner (50+ years) that is much more efficient to replace.

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Geosynthetic Technology Limited has more than 40-years experience in fabricating and installing Geotextile and Geomembrane lining globally, working on a multitude of projects including the World’s Largest Lagoon Liner - installed in Kazakhstan - and the Athens 2004 Olympic Lake. Geosynthetic Technology Limited is ISO9001 compliant and provides the highest level of service within the Geosynthetics Industry, completing lining projects in 35 countries across 5 continents. We would welcome the opportunity to provide technical and pricing assistance to help design and install your Geotextile and Geomembrane liners.  Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding your lining project.

Our tried and tested process which we have defined through the years

 Settlement Lagoon Liner
Your chosen Contractor will excavate the settlement lagoon area to the specified plans, with the correct gradient as detailed in the plans.
Once the lagoon has been excavated, Geosynthetic Technology Ltd can begin to lay a Geotextile underlay.  (This protects the geomembrane from damage from the underlying sub-grade).
Geosynthetic Technology Ltd will then lay your chosen Geomembrane layer (having recommended the best and most appropriate geomembrane and geotextile for your needs) and weld each section together.
All joins and welds are then tested to ensure their quality and longevity.