Lakes, Ponds & Water Features

Whether the project is a small pond or a large lake, Geosynthetic Technology will ensure the same amount of care and attention is taken
From small garden ponds to substantial lakes, our synthetic Geomembrane sheet liners provide a highly cost-effective solution for lining manmade bodies of water. We specialise in the design, supply and installation of pond liners and lake liners, and have installed liners for lakes in stately homes to huge manmade lakes and ponds internationally. We have also provided the supply and installation of liners for a vast array of golf clubs both within the UK and internationally, take a look at our Golf Course Lakes & Ponds page along with our Case Study regarding our supply and installation of liner for multiple golf lakes in Obidos.

Supply Only
For straightforward projects (20 square metres to 1,500 square metres in area) we can provide prefabricated liners panels for the client's own installation.
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Supply & Installation
We offer a full installation service for larger or more complicated areas. Find out more and contact us today about your lake or pond project.
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