Gas Barrier Membranes

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With the increase in the development of Brownfield Sites, the prevention of ingress of noxious gases to buildings is essential.

Installed prior to the laying of floor slabs or concrete screeds, Geosynthetic Technology Limited’s Excelastic Gas Barrier Membrane provides a continuous high-integrity barrier to prevent Methane and Carbon Dioxide gas ingress.

Below is information about our Excelastic Gas Barrier Membrane and the benefits of using Geosynthetic Technology to supply and install your gas barrier. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project requirements – please do not hesitate to contact us

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Our Excelastic Gas Barrier Membrane is a proprietary Polyethylene based membrane, with exceedingly low methane permeance. We can supply this membrane in seamless sheets up to 8-metres in width, with a thickness of 0.50mm to 1.00mm.

Excelastic Gas Barrier Membranes have been specifically formulated to provide excellent puncture resistance and high tensile strength.
The Benefits of Excelastic Gas Barrier Membrane include:
  • Is loose laid and can be installed onto a range of surfaces including sand blinding, Geotextile and similar preparatory surfaces.
  • Excelastic Gas Barrier Membrane replaces any need for a separate damp proof membrane layer, helping to reduce your projects cost.
  • Due to its high puncture resistance, Excelastic Gas Barrier Membranes eliminate any requirement for expensive protection board.
  • This membrane can be rapidly installed, with up to 1,500m² being laid in a single day.

We recommend that Excelastic Gas Barrier Membranes are installed by our fully trained and experienced team, due to sheets requiring on-site welding using an electronic rotary welding machine. Having our experienced team install your Gas Barrier will ensure that each weld is as impermeable as the Excelastic Membrane and covered by our long-term warranty and indemnity insurance.
We can supply this Excelastic Gas Barrier in prefabricated panels or in rolls for smaller, straight forward projects with standard size rolls for self-installation being 25m x 6m (folded to 3m).