British Pipeline Agency

Working for Rayden Engineering Limited, Geosynthetic Technology Limited has designed and installed Geomembrane and Geotextile lining systems for two new fire-fighting lagoons at The British Pipeline Agency’s Kingsbury site near Tamworth.

Consulting Engineers, Jenkins and Potter of London, specified the use of our Exceliner LLD 1.5mm Geomembrane liner installed on a 7000N Puncture Resistance Geotextile. During this project more than 100,000 square metres of Exceliner, LLD and Geotextile lining was installed by Geosynthetic Technology Limited on behalf of the Main Contractor, Rayden Engineering Limited with the Geomembrane lining portion of the project completed on time within program schedule.


Project Stat

5,000 square metres

As with all our lining systems, these fire-fighting lagoons have the benefit from a bona fide 30-year Installation Warranty, together with our Professional Indemnity and Product Liability insurance.

The British Pipeline Agency is a joint venue between BP Oil and Shell UK, and was established in 1969 to provide safe pipeline and storage systems within the UK. Kingsbury Terminal is part of The British Pipeline Agency’s infrastructure between Stanlow in Cheshire and Gatwick Airport in Sussex.