Attenuation Tank Liners

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Attenuation Tank Liners / Storm Cell Linings

Attenuation Tanks are often used in SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) to manage extreme rainfall events in urban areas or in areas where large amounts of non-porous material stops natural water runoff into grass, soil and waterways. An Attenuation Tank temporarily stores this excess run-off water, returning it to the normal drainage system in a controlled manner.  Attenuation tanks can help to reduce or even eliminate flooding, erosion and damage caused by flooding during extreme rainfall situations.

Prefabricated, flexible, welded box liners and lids; often referred to as Attenuation Tank Liners, Shoe Box Liners or SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) boxes; manufactured in a variety of materials to suit your project and built to any size. Goods can be delivered directly to your site for convenience. The linings can also be supplied with ‘Top Hats’ for sealing to pipes and vents.

Our liners are used effectively in Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems designed for water management & flow rate control of storm-water runoff. We can offer free guidance on self installation, reducing the need for sub contract installation.

We can design and fabricate Attenuation Crate Wrappings in a variety of materials and install on site, should the cell to be lined prove too large or too complex to supply as a prefabricated unit. Our skilled site crews offer many years installation experience with a wide range of attenuation tank units including Aquacell, Graf and Polystorm products.

All of our Water Attenuation Liners are palletised for delivery and fully certified with fusion high frequency welded seams.

Geosynthetic Technology Limited will ensure that stored water does not escape from the system and cause flooding or damage to nearby land. Geosynthetic Technology Limited can fabricate and install a Geomembrane and Geotextile liner to the exact specifications of your tank and provide you with a bona fide warranty for your Attenuation Tank Liner. 

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Attenuation Tank Supply only

Our tried and tested process which we have defined through the years

Attenuation Tanks for self installation or using our expert installation teams
Before the project begins, our teams prepare the attenuation module at our large warehousing facility, consisting of Geomembrane box welded liner plus lid and Geotextile outerwrap with lid. This ensures efficiency and reduces time spent on site. Regardless of shape or size, our teams can prefabricate bespoke box-welded liners to suit your needs.

Supply only 
We prefabricate our "shoe-box" welded liners at our large warehousing facility to offer a self-installation package. This module can be delivered to any site in the UK using our dedicated transportation network. This enables the customer to install themselves, without the added expense of external contractors. 
Once the excavation has been prepared we recommend a protective layer of Geotextile. This is carefully placed into the excavation ready for the prefabricated box welded liner to be placed. 
The attenuation tank crates/blocks are placed to the predetermined laying pattern, before holes for inlet, outlet and vent pipes are cut to size.  All penetrations are sealed to ensure one-hundred-percent waterproofing integrity, using stainless-steel bands or special components provided by the crate/block Manufacturer.
If our teams are installing we would always use specialist welding equipment to ensure a water tight seal. If we are providing a prefabricated module we would supply specialist tape to aid with self installation.
Pipework from the tank can then be connected to the upstream or downstream manholes/hydrobrakes etc, prior to backfilling 
Finally we would ensure complete protection by using our Geotextile outerwrap
Using our dedicated Haulier we can deliver to anywhere in the UK.
Our prefabricated module is lowered into the excavation and rolled out in preparation for the storm-cell crates to placed.

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We supply bespoke geomembrane liners to suit your needs
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