Reservoir Waterproofing

Geosynthetic Technology are leading experts in the Installation of Geomembrane for large reservoirs
Reservoirs that contain drinking water or other sensitive liquids often need a waterproof roof to ensure that no outside contaminants can enter into the reservoirs, reducing the potability of the water or contaminating the liquid within the reservoir. Underground reservoirs also require a roof to ensure that substrate above does not enter the reservoir, potentially damaging the potability of the water or contaminating sensitive liquids.

With reservoir liners, water containment is the most common application for Geomembranes. Geosynthetic Technology would always recommend a very strong liner for this application, as it is subject to ultraviolet light for long periods of time as well as being able to withstand different ambient liquid temperatures.
Liners commonly used for reservoir projects are predominantly a HDPE or LLDPE liner, that provide the perfect solution with an impermeable barrier against a wide range of liquids and solids. They have excellent chemical and UV resistant impermeability with high yield and welded strengths. We can offer liner thicknesses between 0.5mm and 2.5mm.
Ground conditions should be taken into consideration when choosing a membrane for reservoir lake lining. Geosynthetic Technology can provide a Geotextile Underlay, to protect against sharp or angular stones which could damage the membrane. Geosynthetic Technology also offer a comprehensive range of fixings for pipe entries and concrete structures. 

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Our tried and tested process which we have defined through the years

Preparatory earthworks in progress. The area is cleared of large stones, debris and tree roots, then is compacted to give a firm, dry surface on which to lay the lining system.
Geotextile underlay is installed. This provides a puncture-resistant layer onto which the Geomembrane lining can be laid.
Geomembrane lining is laid. All joints are welded on site to ensure full waterproof integrity. Predominantly, an HDPE or LLDPE liner is utilised.
Earth structure, fully sealed with the impermeable barrier membrane, awaiting filling.  If required, a geotextile overlay can be added to allow landscaping/soil covering.