World's Largest Lagoon Liner

Considered to be the World’s largest lagoon lining, more than 1.4 million square metres (350 acres) of continuous Polypropylene geomembrane lining was installed by Geosynthetic Technology Limited on a project in Kazakhstan, within a 7-month period of site work.

This giant lagoon facility is designed to contain process liquid for an Oil Company. Our Client foresaw the lining being installed in multiple phases over a 3-year period, with harsh winters from November to March limiting work to the months of April to October.


Project Stat

1.4 million square metres

We began installation of the lagoon in August 2010, implementing our rapid installation plan over 10% of the total area of the lagoon, with our Installation Teams completing the trial area ahead of schedule. Our Client then authorised the continuation of the lining system, using this rapid installation method and – several floods and dust storms later - we completed the project in August 2011.

Our experience of more than 40-years of Geomembrane Installation allowed us to plan and complete this project well within the original time frame required by our Client. More information on this mammoth project can be found in our Case Study.