Toxic Waste Liners

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Toxic waste is a growing concern as an increasing number of sites are being opened up to landfill to deal with an ever-increasing need for waste disposal. With increased legislation and improved environmental awareness it is more essential than ever that potentially harmful waste is correctly contained and disposed of. Geomembrane liners are commonly used in landfill lining and capping but also play a vital role in the containment of toxic waste. At Geosynthetic Technology Ltd we have worked with a number of national and international clients installing primary and secondary liners to contain landfill and toxic waste.

When installing Geomembrane liners as a toxic waste barrier it is critical that the lining is impermeable to prevent any toxic material from escaping. At Geosynthetic Technology Ltd we only use the highest quality LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene) liners when undertaking toxic waste containment projects. This chemical resistant lining prevents the escape of toxic materials and gasses into the atmosphere or from migrating into the earth.

By their nature, at landfill sites and other locations where the containment and restriction of toxic waste in undertaken, it is a requirement that any lining used be guaranteed to maintain a long-term reliable barrier. The specification of the LLDPE liners we use make them ideal for the containment of toxic waste projects. The Geomembrane is flexible and can be installed at sites where there are steep hills and gradients. In spite of this flexibility, which allows for installation on challenging landscapes, these Geomembrane liners are incredibly strong, durable and extremely difficult to puncture or tear.

Its’ chemical resistance, asides from protecting the environment, helps to reduce the long-term corrosive impact of toxic chemicals on the liner itself. Our Geomembrane toxic waste liners have a high resilience to UV radiation which is particularly important when long-term containment of toxic waste is required. This resilience to radiation helps to ensure the liner’s impermeable attributes are not compromised by extended exposure to sunlight.

Once installed, all our Geomembrane liners are thoroughly tested to ensure they meet the standards set out by the Environment Agency for the long-term containment of toxic waste. We also check to ensure that the installation meets the original brief set out by our client.

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