Dam Lining

All joins and welds will undergo testing from a Geosynthetic Technology engineer to ensure their quality and longevity.

Geosynthetic Technology Ltd have over 40-years experience in the fabrication and installation of Geomembrane liners, and protective Geotextile underlays, we’ve undertaken numerous projects spanning 35-countries and 5-continents and can complete your dam lining project where ever the location. Our quality Geomembrane linings have been designed to provide excellent UV resistance and stability, and our Geotextile underlays help to reduce the risk of liner penetration that can result in water seeping from the dam, lake or pond into the surrounding substrate, helping to ensure your dam lining retains its contents for many years to come.

While dam lining with a Geomembrane can be a more expensive solution for stopping dam leaks, the longevity of this method will outweigh the slightly increased initial cost.

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Our experienced team can recommend the most effective Geotextile and Geomembrane combination for your dam lining project, based on your requirements. Our liners can be fabricated and self-installed on-site, but we also provide a quality installation service that includes the transport, installation and welding of liner parts, with Quality Assurance testing to ensure your newly installed dam liner’s quality and longevity.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you to provide technical assistance and pricing information for the Geotextiles and Geomembranes required for your dam lining project, please do not hesitate to contact us regarding your project.