Recycling & Waste Management

Geosynthetic Technology are experts in the installation of Containment Lining Systems, our services and product options cover a broad spectrum of applications. Our teams offer expertise using traditional lining applications, but also provide expertise using geosynthetic materials in conjunction with other waste management systems. Geosynthetic Technology can supply and install secondary containment linings for tanks that are part of a waste management system or an anaerobic digestion system.

Waste Management
Anaerobic Digestion is a process used in the waste management industry to break down biodegradable substances using micro organisms during a several stage process. As humans we are becoming increasingly concerned with the amount of waste material generated and this process is a way of not only reducing waste but producing an end product.

Geosynthetic Technology have worked with companies that produce all types of waste product from industrial, commercial or domestic environments. We offer a contained liner solution so that a biochemical process can take place. When Anaerobic Digestion is used effectively along with other waste management processes it can reduce gasses emanating from landfills and even reduce the amount of physical waste that these areas contain.