Slurry Lagoon Liner

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Slurry Lagoons are designed to store organic waste in agricultural settings for long periods of time, allowing for the slurry to convert to fertiliser that can be reused on land to fertilise crops. There is a selection of UK Legislation in place to help minimise the risks associated with Slurry Pits and Lagoons. These include the requirement that new or renovated slurry stores must have an expected life span of 20-years without maintenance for any part of the tank that sits underground.
Ensuring your Slurry Lagoon has a good quality barrier between the stored slurry; the surrounding soil and water table is very important to maintain no seepage, which could otherwise result in contamination of the area. Traditionally, Slurry Lagoons are created using an earth-baked base as a liner as these are considered to be a low cost solution. However, the clay used must be checked for permeability and once installed, can be awkward to repair. Such repairs can result in costs being incurred way in excess of the cost of a Geosynthetic lining system installation.

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Geosynthetic Technology Limited has worked closely within the agricultural industry for more than 30-years, providing and installing Geomembrane liners for slurry lagoons both within the UK and internationally. All of the Geomembrane liners installed by Geosynthetic Technology Limited benefit from a bona fide 25-year warranty.

Farmers to ensure their Slurry Lagoon meets requirements for life expectancy and containment. Our liners are also covered by our Professional Indemnity and Product Liability Insurance. We welcome the opportunity to work with you on your Slurry Lagoon lining project. Contact Geosynthetic Technology today via our online quote form, email [email protected] or call on +44 (0) 1206 262 676.

Our tried and tested process which we have defined through the years

Your chosen contractor will excavate the slurry lagoon area to the specified plans with the correct gradient, as detailed in the plans.
Once the hole has been excavated, Geosynthetic Technology Ltd can begin to lay a Geotextile under-layer.  (This protects the geomembrane from being pierced once the slurry has been added to the finished lagoon).
Geosynthetic Technology Ltd will then lay your chosen Geomembrane layer (having recommended the best and most appropriate geomembrane and geotextile for your needs) and weld each section together.
If required, a protective Geomembrane floating cover for the slurry lagoon can then be fabricated on site to ensure the lagoon meets Environment Agency Guidelines.
All joins and welds are then tested to ensure their quality and longevity.