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There are two kinds of golf courses; ones which are made on very natural surroundings and are often called links courses. Here, the designer does not create water bodies or hazards deliberately, the terrain of the course itself provides a lot of challenge to the golfers and only the fairways, bunkers and greens are made. 

The other kind of course is designed and developed on a large barren piece of land. The designer now has a choice of making water bodies wherever he wants to create challenges for the golfers and this is where Geosynthetic Technology can be introduced to create the water features using specialist techniques. All golfers know that bunkers, water bodies, hazards and thick trees are a natural part of all golf courses and provide a challenge to the golfer.

Ponds or Lakes on a golf course can also be part of the water storage and irrigation system. They collect water during the rainy season which is then pumped to irrigate the course when it is dry.

Ponds, lakes and reservoirs on Golf Courses provide numerous practical and aesthetic benefits.

Synthetic liners - Geomembranes - provide a cost-effective and assured method of waterproofing these in-ground/earth-built water areas.