Celtic Manor Resort

Celtic Manor Resort in South Wales recently saw the relining of the principle irrigation reservoir. The original Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) liner had been installed by one of our competitors and had started to fail prematurely. This is a common problem with PVC Geomembranes as the vinyl in the product tends to leach out when exposed to the elements. This 'loss of plasticiser' renders the liner less flexible and liable to stress cracking.


Project Stat

14,000 square metres

Following the removal of the old liner, the 14,000 square metre reservoir area was re-graded and trimmed ready to receive the new lining system.  Concrete plinths were also constructed around pipe entries to allow us to mechanically fix the lining system to them. Once this work was complete, Geosynthetic Technology installed the lining system consisting of Exceliner LLD Geomembrane and 4600N Geotextile underlay.

Whereas the original liner had been completely exposed and visible, the management of Celtic Manor wanted the relined reservoir to blend in better with the surrounding area and, therefore, achieve a more aesthetically pleasing finished product. To help facilitate this we installed a 7000N Geotextile overlay to the upper slopes of the reservoir. Onto this overlay some 200-300mm thick of 'Rock Armour' was placed. The end result is a highly visual reservoir that is less prone to erosion. The relined reservoir now forms an essential part of the irrigation system at the Celtic Manor Resort.

Lined Area:  14,000 square metres
Materials Used:  Exceliner LLD 1.50mm / 4600N Geotextile underlay / 7000N Geotextile overlay