Chelsea FC Youth Academy

The construction of Chelsea Football Club's Youth Academy required an attenuation tank of 117 cubic metres to accept rain and stormwater runoff.  The attenuation tank was formed from Hoofmark D-Raintank plastic blocks each @ 0.84m x 0.81m x 0.4m to form a finished tank of 34.83m x 8.40m x 0.40m.  Unlike a soakaway system a geomembrane lining was required around the tank to ensure it was watertight.


Project Stat

117 cubic metres

This choice of Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) is now fairly commonplace in the UK. The development of such 'block' tanks started in mainland Europe and, approximately 12 years ago, our company was at the forefront of developing techniques and procedures to create effective means of lining these tanks.
The project at Chelsea FC Youth Academy is part explained in the accompanying images.  The construction schedule can be summarised as follows:
  1. Excavation of the area to site the tank.
  2. Installation of a geotextile underlay and impermeable PE liner.  Further installation of a geotextile over the PE liner.
  3. Placement of the attenuation blocks.
  4. Pulling of the lining up the sides of the tank and undertaking the pipe seals.
  5. Placing of an PE liner and geotextile layer over the top of the tank.
  6. Backfilling the tank.
The lining system as supplied and installed by our company is covered by a bona fide 20-year warranty and our company's Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance. Because ultraviolet light is completely cut out from the buried tank, the lining system has a working life in excess of 100 years.

Geosynthetic Technology Ltd is happy to line attenuation 'block' tanks from all manufacturers and suppliers.  Our contracts typically involve us not only supplying and installing the lining system but also installing the (free issue - contractor supplied) attenuation blocks. Please contact us with your requirements.

Materials used: 3600N Geotextile / 0.50mm PE Liner
Ground Works Contractor:  J. Devine Civil Engineering Ltd, Cheam, Surrey