2 x Water Treatment Lagoons

Supply and installation of a 2-layer lining system to provide a waterproof lining to 2 x water treatment lagoons including fixing to concrete surfaces.


South of East Yorkshire

The depth of the cells from crest to base is 5.6m, with 1:3 batters internally. A requirement of the design, rather than a reservoir safety requirement, is to have an impermeable geomembrane layer. Through Winter 2020 the geomembrane liner was supplied and installed on this project.

An initial underlay layer is required, followed by the main impermeable sheeting which is then welded together. Adverse weather with subsequently very poor underfoot conditions on site made installation very challenging but this element was completed in January 2021.

With a combined stored volume of approximately 144,000m3, and an escapable volume of over 25,000m³ per cell, the works falls under the Reservoirs Act 1975. As such, a construction engineer was required to be appointed to oversee and sign-off detailed design and construction of the cells.

This project has been an early adopter of Yorkshire Water’s new ‘Partnership for Yorkshire’ initiative which has a fundamental goal of working collaboratively to provide the best results for all stakeholders.