London 2012 Olympics

Working on behalf of the reputable Civil Engineering Contractor Edmund Nuttall Limited, Geosynthetic Technology Limited will be installing various geotextiles and an Excelastic 1.00mm liner to earth retaining structures in the vicinity of the new Olympic Aquatic Centre.  The lining contract is to be completed in phases, and the lining work will be subsequently covered by a reinforced earth wall structure.
Our lining project for the 2012 London Olympics will benefit from our bona-fide Warranty, together with our Professional Indemnity and Product Liability insurance. Due to the lining being covered by an earth wall structure it is expected that that product lifespan will be increased to as high as 100 years before a replacement liner is required.

Edmund Nuttall Limited is a Principal Contractor undertaking an array of demolition and remediation work in advance of the construction of the main stadium and numerous other building infrastructures at the Olympic Park site.

Principal Contractor: Edmund Nuttall Limited
Lined Area: 5,000m²
Materials: Excelastic 1.00mm liner / Various Geotextiles

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