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Liners and Lining Systems for Reservoirs, Lagoons and storm Ponds

Synthetic liners – Geomembranes - provide a cost-effective and assured method of waterproofing these in-ground/earth-built structures.

Applications include irrigation reservoirs, settlement lagoons, fire-fighting ponds, slurry lagoons, dirty water ponds and sewage farms.

GT offers a wide range of high-performance liner products manufactured from Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) and specific formulations to meet every requirement. Our liners and installation services are recognised internationally as First Quality Standard giving optimum service life.

All our installations benefit from a bona-fide long-term Warranty and our Professional Indemnity insurance. Please look at our installation process detailed below, and contact us to discuss your lining project.

The Lining Installation Process

1. Preparatory earthworks in progress. The area is cleared of large stones, debris and tree roots and is compacted to give a firm, dry surface on which to lay the lining system.

Install Process 1

2. Geotextile underlay is installed. This provides a puncture-resistant layer onto which the geomembrane lining can be laid.

Install Process 2

3. Geomembrane lining is laid. All joints are welded on site to ensure full waterproof integrity. Predominantly, an HDPE or LLDPE liner is utilised.

Install Process 3

4. Earth structure, fully sealed with the impermeable barrier membrane, awaiting filling.  If required, a geotextile overlay can be added to allow landscaping/soil covering.

Install Process 4

Reservoirs & Lagoons

Quality Assurance

We’re market leaders in the Geomembrane lining and installation industry and all our designs and installations benefit from the following:

  • Compliance to ISO 9001 Quality Assured Operation Procedures on all site works.
  • All liners installed by GT benefit from a bona fide Warranty.
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