Civil Engineering

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There are many applications for our lining systems within the Civil Engineering and Construction Industries.

From the sealing and capping of contaminated ground to the waterproofing of Attenuation Tanks, our range of Geomembranes and Geotextiles provides a cost-effective and assured method of creating impermeable barriers.

We have carried out wide selection of contracts for the Civil Engineering and Construction Industries, including:

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Attenuation Tank Waterproofing

We frequently work with Clients to provide Attenuation Tank Liners for waterproofing, both supplied and installed and on a supply only basis. These photographs are of a selection of Attenuation Tank projects installed by Geosynthetic Technology Limited.

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Attenuation Tank Waterproofing Attenuation Tank Waterproofing Attenuation Tank Waterproofing Attenuation Tank Waterproofing
Bio-Bed Lining

Bio-beds represent a cost-efficient and sustainable method of effluent treatment. Geosynthetic Technology Limited has been involved in numerous schemes from brewery sites to waste recycling stations.

Bio-Bed Lining Bio-Bed Lining
Contaminated land capping

We have carried out a selection of contaminated land capping projects for our Clients.

Contaminated land capping Contaminated land capping

From Tailings Dams to Hydraulic Dams, our warranted geomembranes provide a long-term and effective means of physical containment.

Evaporation Pond & Lagoon Liners

We have produced and installed pond, lagoon and lake liners in a wide variety of sizes for many of our Clients.

Evaporation Pond & Lagoon Liners Evaporation Pond & Lagoon Liners

With flooding becoming an increasingly common threat, geomembrane lining systems are being utilised to contain and alleviate water surcharges. Typically, the liner is backfilled with subsoil to create an aesthetically pleasing landscape.

Floating Covers

Geosynthetic Technology Limited fabricates and installs floating covers for Anaerobic Digestion facilities and similar.

Floating Covers Floating Covers
Landfill Linings & Cappings

We have lined and capped various landfill sites, producing and installing the geomembranes required for projects throughout the world.

Landfill Linings & Cappings Landfill Linings & Cappings Landfill Linings & Cappings Landfill Linings & Cappings
Reed Bed Lining

We have assisted Clients with the design and creation of Geomembrane lining systems for Reed beds, for the treatment and recycling of polluted water.

Reed Bed Lining
Reservoir Roof Waterproofing

The Company can also provide Reservoir Roof Membranes.

Reservoir Roof Waterproofing
SUDS Lining

Geosynthetic Technology Limited installs Geomembrane liners for Construction Clients as part of their effective Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems in new developments.

SUDS Lining SUDS Lining
Settlement Lagoon Lining

Industrial grade liners are utilised to seal settlement lagoons.  High-density geomembranes (HDPE) with excellent puncture resistance are required to ensure long-term integrity following cleaning out operations

Settlement Lagoon Lining Settlement Lagoon Lining
Slurry Lagoon Lining

Environment Agency legislation dictates that all slurry and dirty water lagoons be sealed with plastic linings with a minimum 20-year Warranty.  Geosynthetic Technology Limited provides a minimum 25-year Warranty and Professional Indemnity insurance.

Slurry Lagoon Lining Slurry Lagoon Lining Slurry Lagoon Lining Slurry Lagoon Lining
Toxic Waste

We have worked with Clients to produce and install secondary linings suitable for the containment of toxic waste.

Toxic Waste Toxic Waste