Lakes, Ponds & Water Features
» Lakes, Ponds & Water Features

From small ponds, to large substantial lakes, our synthetic sheet liners provide a cost-effective and assured method for lining manmade water areas. We can supply both prefabricated liners to your specific requirements and a full installation service for more complex projects.

Civil Engineering
» Civil Engineering

Our liners have many applications within the Civil Engineering & Construction Industries from sealing and capping contaminated ground to waterproofing attenuation tanks. Our cost-effective geomembranes and geotextiles are perfect for creating impermeable barriers.

Reservoirs & Lagoons
» Reservoirs & Lagoons

We can provide design and installation of synthetic liners for irrigation reservoirs, settlement & slurry lagoons, fire-fighting ponds and sewage farms. Our liners and installations are recognised internationally as First Quality Standard and benefit from a long-term warranty and our Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Golf Course Lakes & Ponds
» Golf Course Lakes & Ponds

We provide great quality, custom Geomembrane liners suitable for large lakes, reservoirs and ponds situated in Golf Courses. Refurbishing your leaking, clay-lined lake with our synthetic liners is a cost-effective, long lasting way to retain the aesthetic benefits of your lake.

Gas Barrier Membranes
» Gas Barrier Membranes

Our Polyethylene based Excelastic gas barriers are perfect for providing continuous, high-integrity protection to prevent the ingress of noxious gasses such as Methane and Carbon Dioxide into buildings. These feature exceedingly low methane permeance and are supplied in seamless sheets.

Petrochemical Industries & Anaerobic Digestion
» Petrochemical Industries & Anaerobic Digestion

We can design and install geomembranes suitable as secondary liners in the containment of hazardous fuels and can also be applied to overflow lagoons, catchment lagoons, storage bunds and Anaerobic Digestion projects. We’ve worked internationally for clients in the Oil and Gas market and offer a range of lining materials including Polyethylene, Polypropylene and stabilised PVC derived products.

We work internationally and have completed installs in 35 countries across 5 continents, from Ascension Island in the South Atlantic to the flat lands of Kazakhstan we can work anywhere that our lining services are required.

We work with local labour to offer cost-effective solutions for foreign projects and can offer a total technical design, sourcing and installation service for you project.

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