Pond Liner Size & Price Calculator

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Please enter dimensions that are the longest, widest and deepest measurements of your pond. This will ensure the calculator adds sufficient lining materials to include anchorage at the edges.

Pond Liner Size & Price Calculator Pond Liner Size & Price Calculator
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Liner Size & Volumes

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Approximate Volume
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Ex Works Prices

Geotextile Underlay
(if required)
Excelastic 0.5mm liner
Excelastic 0.75mm liner
Geotextile Overlay
(if required)

These calculations are provided for guidance only and we strongly recommend measuring the excavated pond prior to placing any order. We can also prefabricate lining material panels for non-rectangular ponds, and would be pleased to discuss your requirements. Geosynthetic Technology Limited has been involved in the creation of numerous ponds, and is happy to provide advice no matter how small or large the size of your pond. Good discounts are available for orders in excess of 100m².

If you are interested in proceeding with this quotation, please enter your details below to submit your enquiry online, and we will contact you to discuss all of your requirements.

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