Whiskey Galore

Working for T & P Metcalfe Contractors of Wennington, Geosynthetic Technology Limited has recently completed the installation of a 1,400m2 lagoon liner at Elgin in Scotland.

The project is unusual in that the lined lagoon is to receive waste fluids at temperatures up to 70°C.  Standard lining products such as HDPE and LLDPE are just not able to accommodate the elevated temperatures and would have a reduced lifespan, and necessitate relining sooner.  Therefore, on the grounds of cost-efficiency as well as performance, we proposed a one-hundred-percent Polypropylene liner – our geomembrane, Exceliner PP in 1.50mm thickness.

Liquid waste is introduced to the lined lagoon by road tankers.  This hot waste – Pot Ale – is associated with local Whiskey Distilleries (being the residue left in the wash sills after distillation).  Ultimately the Pot Ale will be used to fertilise nearby farmland, but remedial storage is required while the Pot Ale cools.

The lining project was carried out in a total of approximately 15-hours, being completed mid-morning on 30 March 2010 – immediately before Scotland experienced significant snowfall in excess of one-foot in some areas.  

Main Contractor: T & P Metcalfe
Lined Area: 1,400 square metres
Materials: Exceliner PP 1.5mm liner