Technologically Advanced Sewage Lagoons

Geosynthetic Technology Ltd (GT) is pleased to announce the award of a £50,000+ contract to line two sewage lagoons at Sutton St James in East Anglia.

The project involves the construction of two lined waste water lagoons each of approximately 3,700m2.  The wastewater is being treated by the Aero-fac ® system supplied by Gurney Environmental (  This is an innovative and highly cost-effective approach to the treatment of municipal wastewater through a biological aerated process – a 'no sludge removal' treatment system. 
The Main Contractor for the project is Barhale Construction which is carrying out construction for Anglian Water Services Ltd.  Design Engineering is being provided by Grontmij Staff of the @One Alliance.
GT won the lining contract because the company was able to demonstrate complete technical competence in the design of the lining system, and that it could provide an acceptable 30-year performance warranty.
Of technical interest, the 1.50mm Exceliner LLD geomembrane is being installed directly onto a layer of Somtube Drainage Geocomposite.  Somtube has 20mm diameter perforated drainage pipes (contained within exterior geotextile layers) to channel any accumulating ground gas from the underside of the liner.
Lining works commence March 2008.

Somtube Drainage Geocomposite is supplied by WT Burden - Geotechnics Division