Irrigation Reservoir, Suffolk

Work will commence on Monday 11 February to line a 9,500 square metre irrigation reservoir at Woolverstone, Suffolk. This will be the fifth reservoir lined by the company for end client, AW Mayhew (Farms) Limited, a long standing Client of Geosynthetic Technology Limited.

The project comprises a 24,500 cubic metre reservoir for agricultural irrigation purposes.  The reservoir has a total land take-up of approximately 160m x 80m. Once excavation of the sites are completed the reservoir will be lined by Geosynthetic Technology Limited with a 300g/m2 polypropylene protective geotextile underlay and a LLDPE 1.00mm liner.  The materials in this project are covered by a bona-fide 20-year Warranty including the X square metres of geomembrane and geotextile linings used.  Tyre lines at 10m centres will be placed over the lined slope faces for safety purposes, to enable anyone who may fall in the reservoir to climb out.

This project has an estimated two week duration for the installation of the materials and tyre lines. Once completed, this geomembrane lining project benefits from our bona-fide Warranty, together with our Professional Indemnity and Product Liability insurance.

End Client: AW Mayhew (Farms) Limited
Lined Area:  19,000m²
Materials: 300g/m2 polypropylene geotextile underlay /LLDPE 1.00mm liner